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##Q 001

What is the valence (oxidation state) of carbon in sodium carbonate (Na_2 CO_3)?

##Q 002

Which of the following statements regarding acids and bases is incorrect?

  • [A] Bases have a sour taste
  • [B] Acids turn blue litmus paper into a shade of red
  • [C] Bases have a pH between 7 and 14
  • [D] Acids will support an electrical current in aqueous solutions

##Q 003

Limestone Ca CO.3 decomposes to Ca O and C O.2. The number of grams of limestone needed to produce 100 grams of CO2 most nearly is:

##Q 004

1000 liters of water vapor at 25 °C and a pressure of 10 mm Hg are condensed into a single liquid droplet of density 1 gr / mL. The volume of liquid , in mL, of the droplet is:

##Q 005

The molecular weight of a particular hydrocarbon is 72 gr/mol and it is 83.3% (by weight) carbon and 16.7% by weight hydrogen. Its chemical formula is:

##Q 006

The rigid link shown is 11 m long. It rotates counterclockwise about point A at 15 rpm. A thin disk with a radius of 2.5 m is pinned at its center at the to the link at point B. The disk rotates counterclockwise at 75 rpm with respect to B.

alt text

What is the maximum tangential velocity seen by any point on the disk in m/sec?

##Q 007

A 2 kg clump of clay moving at 60 m/sec collides with another 10 kg of clay moving at 10 m/sec. They are traveling in parallel but opposite directions. What is the final velocity if both balls stick together in m/sec?

##Q 008

A 60 kg box slides 8 m as it goes down an incline of 22 degree . The box is pushed down the incline with an initial velocity of 5 m/s. If the coefficient of friction is 0.35, the velocity in m/s at the bottom of the incline most nearly is.

##Q 009

A cricket player throws the ball in a projectile at an angle of 25 degree above horizontal with an initial velocity of 95 km/h. If his hand is 1m above the ground, the distance in meters the ball will travel before it hits the ground most nearly is.

##Q 010

A particle is traveling in a straight line where the equation of motion as a function of time is:

x(t) = 5*t^3 + 3*t^2 - 4*t


x is in meters
    t is in seconds

The acceleration of the particle in m/sec^2 at t = 10.5 seconds is most nearly:

##Q 011

alt text

For the circuit shown where R = 17 ohm and C = 20 μF, the time constant tau in seconds is:

  • [A] 3.0 ∙ 10^-4
  • [B] 1.0 ∙ 10^-4
  • [C] 4.5 ∙ 10^-6
  • [D] 3.4 ∙ 10^-4

##Q 012

alt text

Given the figure, where V1 = 30 V, V2 = 10 V, and R1 = R2 = 10 ohm, what is the Norton equivalent source and resistance values for the circuit shown?

  • [A] Vn = 5 V; Rn = 5 ohm
  • [B] In = 2 A; Rn = 5 ohm
  • [C] In = 1 A; Rn = 5 ohm
  • [D] In = 1 A; Rn = 10 ohm

##Q 013

alt text

What is the turns ratio (N1 : N2) for maximum power transfer in the following circuit, where Z1 = 4000 ohm and Z2 = 10 ohm?

##Q 014

The electrical resistance of a wire is:

  • [A] inversely proportional to the square of the radius of the wire.
  • [B] inversely proportional to the resistivity of the wire material
  • [C] proportional to the cube of the length of the wire.
  • [D] inversely proportional to the circumference of the wire.

##Q 015

alt text

Shown is a circuit connected to a voltage source of 36 V. R1 = 6 ohms, R2 = 2 ohms, R3 = 15 ohms, and C1 = 20 micro Farads. At steady state, the voltage across the capacitor most nearly is

##Q 016

Sarah borrows $3500 for one year from a friend at an interest rate of 1.4% per month (compounded monthly) instead of taking a subprime loan of 18% per year. How much money does Sarah save or lose with her decision in the 1st year?

  • [A] Sarah loses $1470 more in interest compared to the subprime loan
  • [B] Sarah loses $470 more in interest compared to the subprime loan
  • [C] Sarah saves $581 in interest compared to the subprime loan
  • [D] Sarah saves $42 in interest compared to the subprime loan

##Q 017

A payday loan company, seeking to boost its return on equity, decided to charge its customers 6% per month. If the interest is compounded monthly, effective annual interest rate is most nearly:

##Q 018

A hedge fund manager invests $1,000,000 in a distressed-debt situation that effectively pays 32% interest per year compounded quarterly. Assuming no credit losses or pre-payment, approximately how much should this investment yield in 10 years?

  • [A] $15,789,000
  • [B] $21,720,000
  • [C] $23,532,000
  • [D] $29,003,000

##Q 019

Sally Sanders, a diligent girl aged eleven, invests in a savings account that provides and interest rate of 3% per year. If she has $5000 in the account at the end of 6 years, the initial money invested is most nearly:

##Q 020

Starbucks purchases a commercial grade high end espresso machine has an initial cost of $10,000 and a salvage value of $1,000 after 15 years. What is the straight line depreciation rate as a percentage of the initial cost?

##Q 021

A licensed professional structural engineer, working for Acme Engineering, approves the plans for an overhead walkway, made of aluminum, in the lobby of a hotel. During construction, the installers working for a construction firm do not correctly follow the installation plan despite the sign off (approval) of Acme Engineering and the walkway collapses.

Investigations reveal this was due to an incorrect installation. Who is the primary party held liable for the accident?

  • [A] Alcoa, who fabricated the aluminum supports
  • [B] Construction Company
  • [C] Acme Engineering
  • [D] County Building Inspectors

##Q 022

A former classmate of yours applies to the current company you work for out of pure coincidence. Asking to weigh in on this candidate, you notice that the extracurricular accomplishments noted on her resume are exaggerated.

However, you also genuinely feel this student is intelligent and will be an asset to the company. How should you handle this situation?

  • [A] You should point out the inconsistencies on the resume and advise against hiring her.
  • [B] You should recommend the applicant but note your reservations regarding the exaggerations.
  • [C] You should follow your instincts and recommend the applicant. No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  • [D] You should remove yourself from the ethical dilemma and state ignorance regarding the candidate.

##Q 023

A special engineering vessel is connected to a reservoir open to the atmosphere. The connecting valve is closed and a vacuum of 60 kPa is applied to the vessel.

The absolute pressure in the vessel is most nearly:

##Q 024

A mysterious liquid with a specific gravity of 0.7 is stored in a pressurized, closed storage tank. The tank is cylindrical with a 10 m diameter.

The absolute pressure in the tank is 100 kPa. What is the initial velocity (in m/s) of a fluid jet when a 5 cm diameter orifice is opened at point A?

##Q 025

alt text

Consider the manometer shown. The dark silver fluid is mercury (density = 13.0 gm / cm^3) and the light blue fluid is water (density = 1 gm / cm^3). The height difference between the two fluids is 30 cm. The pressure differential (P1 - P2) in kPa is most nearly:

##Q 026

alt text

A 60 cm diameter mysterious solid sphere (ρ = 7563 kg / m^3) is suspended by a string as shown.

Half the sphere is in one fluid (ρ = 1150 kg / m^3) and the other half in another fluid (ρ = 2050 kg / m^3) The tension in the cable in N is:

##Q 027

Water flows with a velocity of 4 m/s in a pipe with an inner diameter of 7 cm. The flow is split into 2 pipes, each having an inner diameter of 3 cm. The velocity in the 3 cm pipes (in m/s) is.

##Q 028

Water flows with a velocity of 6 m/s through a 6 m cast iron pipe (ε = 0.0003 m).

The head loss through the pipe is 5.6 m. The loss coefficient for the standard elbow is 0.9. What percentage of the total head loss is caused by the elbow?

##Q 029

Pablo and his fishing boat is on a lake. It displaces 200 cubic feet of water. The mass of the boat in tons is most nearly:

##Q 030

alt text

A rectangular open channel has a base of length 2b. Water is flowing through the channel at a depth of b.

The wetted perimeter is:

##Q 031

An experimental pump requires 120 kW to move water with a specific gravity of 1.0 at a certain flow rate given an elevation.

What input power (in kW) does the pump require if the flow rate and the elevation conditions are the same but the liquid has a specific gravity of 0.66?

##Q 032

The specific heat of graphite over a temperature range of 200K to 800K is given by:

C = .05749*T^2 - 20*T + 5372

where C is given in J / kg ∙ K and temperature T is given in K. The amount of heat required in Joules to raise the temperature of 5 grams of graphite in an inert atmosphere from 300 K to 600K most nearly is.

##Q 033

Sally the lab lead is tasked with determining the enthalpy of HFC-134a at 0.4 MPa and 65% quality. What is it in kJ / kg?

##Q 034

An ideal gas at a gage pressure of 0.5 MPa and 25 °C is heated in a closed container so that it reaches 125 °C in 10 minutes. What is the final pressure in MPa?

##Q 035

Ronaldo is analyzing the suitability of a certain pump model. The application requires that it compress water at 3 MPa and 50 °C to 15 MPa at a rate of 30 kJ /kg. The efficiency of this pump is:

##Q 036

Air is compressed isentropically such that its pressure is increased by 50%. The initial temperature is 70 °C. What is the final temperature?

##Q 037

In all adiabatic processes, there is

  • [A] no change in enthalpy
  • [B] no change in temperature
  • [C] no heat flow
  • [D] all of the above

##Q 038

alt text

A Wheatsone bridge is used to measure a mystery resistance, Rx, as shown. At the null point, the variable resistor, Rv, has a resistance of 2100 ohms. What is the mystery resistance if R3 is 2780 ohms and R4 is 1750 ohms?

##Q 039

Given A = true, B = true, and C = false.

Evaluate the following expression:

  • [A] true
  • [B] false
  • [C] either true or false
  • [D] neither true nor false

##Q 040

In general and in most materials, crystallization causes

  • [A] light emission
  • [B] cold fusion
  • [C] reduction of volume
  • [D] all of the above

##Q 041

Engineering normal stress assuming a tensile load is:

  • [A] always lower than the true stress
  • [B] always higher than the true stress
  • [C] the same as the true stress in all deformation regimes
  • [D] all of the above

##Q 042

Given the following processes, which can increase the deformation resistance of steel?

A) hot working
    B) tempering
    C) hardening
    D) adding alloying elements
  • [A] All of the above
  • [B] B) and C)
  • [C] A) and D)
  • [D] C) and D)

##Q 043

An epoxy matrix is reinforced with 70% glass fibers by volume. Given the elastic moduli of the glass and epoxy as 99 GPa and 7.8 GPa, respectively, and the specific gravity of glass and epoxy is 2.5 and 1.2, respectively, the elastic moduli in GPa of the composite in the direction of the glass fibers is most nearly.

##Q 044

When plastically deformed, strain hardening causes metals to become:

##Q 045

What is the rectangular form of the following polar equation?

r^2 = 5 - tan^2 (θ)
  • [A] x^4 - x^2 + x^2 ∙ y^2 + y^2 = 0
  • [B] x^4 + x^2 ∙ y^2 - 5 x^2 + y^2 = 0
  • [C] x^2 + x^2 ∙ y^2 - y^2 + y^4
  • [D] -x^2 + x^4 ∙ y^2 + y^2 = 0

##Q 046

A descending snowball from the summit of K2 is rolling downhill. It's radius is increasing at the rate of 20 cm/min. How fast is its volume increasing (in m^3) when its diameter is 3 m?

##Q 047

For the three vectors shown, what is the product A ∙ (B x C)?

A = 3i + 8j + 10k
    B = 1i + 2j + 3k
    C = 7i + 2j + 5k

##Q 048

What is the Laplace transform of sin(t)∙cos(t)?

  • [A] 1 / (s^2 + 2)
  • [B] 1 / (s^2 + 4)
  • [C] 1 / (2t + 2)
  • [D] 1 / (s^4 + 4)

##Q 049

Determine the complementary solution to the following differential equation:

y'' - 4y' + 25/4 * y = 10 * cos(8x)
  • [A] C1 e^2x + C2 e^1.5x
  • [B] 2C1x + C2x - C3x
  • [C] C1e^x ∙ tanX + C2e^x ∙ cotX
  • [D] C1e^2x ∙ cos(1.5x) + C2e^2x ∙ sin (1.5x)

##Q 050

Find the length of the resultant of the following vectors:

v1 = 3i + 3j - 10k
    v2 = 7i + 4j + 3k
    v3 = -10i -18j + 8k

##Q 051

What is the solution to the system of simultaneous linear equations?

10x + 3y + 10z = 2
    5x - 2y +  9z = 3
    5x + 1y - 10z = 17
  • [A] [1.56; -1.349; -1.055]
  • [B] [1.727; -1.725; -1.009]
  • [C] [1.741; 0.22; -0.807]
  • [D] [2.402; -2.257; -0.725]

##Q 052

The length of the curve y = x^2 from x = 0 to 3 is most nearly:

##Q 053

For the probability density function shown below, what is the probability of the random variable X being less than 1/4?

alt text

##Q 054

Samples of titanium alloy are being tested for their mechanical stiffness. The following frequency distribution was obtained, which is assumed to be normal:

alt text

Which is the approximate mean of the population from which the samples were taken?

##Q 055

Samples of titanium alloy are being tested for their mechanical stiffness. The following frequency distribution was obtained, which is assumed to be normal:

alt text

Which is the approximate standard deviation of the population from which the samples were taken?

##Q 056

Samples of titanium alloy are being tested for their mechanical stiffness. The following frequency distribution was obtained, which is assumed to be normal:

alt text

What is the approximate probability that the stiffness would be less than 2433 for any given sample?

##Q 057

An unfortunate soul who weighs 150 lbs happens to stumble upon a landfill and ingests 75 grams of ferrous sulfate. Doctors want to determine if he has a 50 chance of surviving. Based on an LD50 of 1500 mg/kg, what dosage determines this 50 chance?

##Q 058

A fire hazard diamond indicates a “3” in the yellow quadrant. What does this mean?

  • [A] The substance will not burn
  • [B] The substance will ignite at most ambient temperature
  • [C] Extreme danger
  • [D] A short shock may detonate the substance

##Q 059

A junior chemist is assessing whether it is safe to combine a caustic with an alcohol. Based on the reactivity code, what will the resultant reaction be?

  • [A] heat
  • [B] heat, fire
  • [C] polymerization
  • [D] none (benign)

##Q 060

A steel beam is loaded as shown with a linearly distributed load. The beam is 4m long and its cross sectional shape is 0.3 m square. Young’s modulus of the beam is 210 GPa, and Poisson’s ratio is 0.3. The maximum load at point B is Lb = 18 N / m. The reaction at point A in N is most nearly.

alt text

##Q 061

alt text

The x and y coordinates of the centroid of the area given is most nearly.

  • [A] (3.098, 2.549)
  • [B] (5.933, 2.053)
  • [C] (3.078, 2.627)
  • [D] (5.933, 2.627)

##Q 062

alt text

Which of the following is not a right-handed coordinate system

##Q 063

alt text

The composite member ABC made of aluminum (AB) and steel (BC) sections is shown. A 500 N is applied at B. Given:

E_aluminum = 40 GPa
    E_steel = 300 GPa
    area_aluminum = 5 cm^2
    area_steel = 3 cm^2

The internal force in N in the composite member ABC just to the right of point B is most nearly:

##Q 064

alt text

The magnitude of the internal shear force in lbf at Point C, located 2 feet away from Point B, is most nearly. W = 100 lbf / ft

##Q 065

A hollow aluminum tube (E = 50 GPa, v = 0.3) with circular cross-section is twisted by a torque of 100 N ∙ m. The tube has an outer radius of 32 mm and an inner radius of 16 mm, and is 500 mm long. The maximum shear stress in MPa in the tube most nearly is.

##Q 066

alt text

Using the plane element shown, what is the approximate normal stress on a plane inclined at θ = 60 degree from the horizontal?

Use the following parameters:

σx = 9.67 MPa
    σy = 4.9 MPa
    𝜏xy = 3.5 MPa

##Q 067

One end of a hollow metallic shaft is fixed and the other end is connected to a gear with an outside diameter of 60 cm. The gear is subjected to a tangential force of 45 kN. The outside diameter is 12 cm and the thickness is 1.25 cm. The length from the gear to the fixed end is 120 cm.

The shear modulus of the metal is 2.8 x 10^10 Pa. What is the maximum angle of twist and shear stress in the shaft?

  • [A] .024 rad, 36 MPa
  • [B] .055 rad, 49 MPa
  • [C] .035 rad, 49 MPa
  • [D] .035 rad, 247 MPa

##Q 068

Knowing that a continuous steel railroad track, with a coefficient of thermal expansion of 15 x 10^-6 m/m/°C, and Young’s modulus of 220 GPa, was placed on and secured to railroad ties in the winter when the temperature was -20 °C. The stress in MPa in the rail when the temperature reaches 90 °C in the hot sun during summer most nearly is.

  • [A] 200 (tension)
  • [B] 200 (compression)
  • [C] 240 (compression)
  • [D] 360 (compression)

##Q 069

A real rectangular bar supports an axial point compressive load of 70.2 kN. Both ends are fixed. If the modulus of elasticity is 130 GPa and the cross section has a height of 22 mm by 30 mm, what is the maximum permissible length of the bar can be prior to buckling failure?

##Q 070

A 1-meter diameter steel cylindrical tank used to store propane at high pressure. If the allowable stress of steel is 100 MPa and the propane is stored at a pressure of 1000 kPa, the minimum thickness in mm of the tank most nearly is.